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The Society's currently going through a bit of a transition - in many ways, FOSS has prevailed in the world, but now we're facing new challenges, primarily from people jumping on the open bandwagon, trying to benefit from the sharing but not willing to give back. We're seeing open washing - like green-washing - all over the place, and we're reevaluating our tactics. We're also doing a review of our Constitution, now 15 years old, to ensure it accurately reflects these adjustments to our course.
We'll be asking our members to consider this new direction in our AGM in a few months time, and we plan to initiate our Society's upgrade at the NZ Open Source Awards - 23 October at Te Papa - where NZ's open community will be recognising the brilliant efforts of some of its worthy contributors.
10:50 NZOSS Panel + Unconference
12:00 Kristina Hoeppner: Who Creates Open Source Software?
2:20 Sam Muirhead: Design by Committing, not by Committee - Open Source Collaboration in the Arts
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<title>NZOSS Stream - ITx 2018</title>
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<div style="width: 30%; padding: 0; float: right;"><img src="img/nzoss-logo.svg" style="margin: 0 0 0 10px; width: 100%; border: 0; box-shadow: none;" /></div>
<div style="width: 70%; padding: 0; float: left;">
<h1 style="font-size: 200%;">Free and Open Source Stream - ITx 2018</h1>
<h1 style="font-size: 150%;">Free and Open Source Stream - ITx 2018</h1>
<h2 style="font-size: 100%;">NZ Open Source Society</h2>
<p style="font-size: 80%;">Wellington, 13 July 2018</p>
<section>Slide 1</section>
<section>Slide 2</section>
<p>We are a community of communities
emerged in the era of Digital Abundance
who share a common aesthetic...</p>
<p class="fragment">Self-determination > Dependence</p>
<p class="fragment">Creating > Consuming</p>
<p class="fragment">Collaboration > Competition</p>
<p class="fragment">Principle > Expedience</p>
<p class="fragment">Communities > Corporations</p>
<p class="fragment">Truth > Comfort</p>
<p>Correctness > Convenience</p>
<p class="fragment">Better Ideas > Tradition and Convention</p>
<p class="fragment">Do it yourself > Outsource</p>
<p class="fragment">Understanding > Ignoring</p>
<p class="fragment">Diverse > Homogenous</p>
<p>Self reliant > Hostage situation</p>
<p class="fragment">Open Frontiers > Walled gardens</p>
<p class="fragment">Ecosystem > Monoculture</p>
<p class="fragment">Distributed > Centralised</p>
<p class="fragment">Bottom up > Top down</p>
<p>2003: Open vs. Closed</p>
<p class="fragment">
Today: Open has won...</p>
<p class="fragment">But Closed still dominates.</p>
<p class="fragment">
Yesterday's champions of Closed now trumpet Open, but remain mostly closed.</p>
<p>2018: Open vs. Fauxpen</p>
<p>Can't suddenly shift from Closed to Open.</p>
<p class="fragment">Instead "Open" should be an active intention:</p>
<p class="fragment">Relentless progression from Closed to Open at any opportunity.</p>
<p class="fragment">The Keys:</p>
<p class="fragment">Be Open by default.</p>
<p class="fragment">Never give up Open ground.</p>
<p>Today's FOSS Stream: contributors presenting their work,<br/>
insights into how open works,<br/>
glimpses of what it looks like in practice.</p>
<p>Remember: FOSS contribution is far more than just code.
<span class="fragment">Use whatever medium best represents your creative passion.</span></p>
<p>FOSS requires you to do only two things:</p>
<p class="fragment">Participate and Share.</p>
<p>Mighty FOSS Contributor: Carl Klitscher - NZOSS Treasurer and primary organiser of this NZOSS day, and the CIO Panel.</p>
<p>Enjoy the day!</p>
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